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Why Online Coaching?

Body Redesign
is a private, convenient place to get your own personal trainer and nutrition coach
anytime, anywhere you are!

With online coaching we would educate you, empower you and eventually make you self sufficient at understanding your body and what works so that you can live a better lifestyle forever rather than being dependent on us in the long term.


Thanks to the modern-day technology, people are no longer restricted by geographic boundaries and no matter where you are located around the globe you will be able to find and use the best health and fitness services that can help you develop the will and motivation to exercise.

 It is most affordable way to get access to the services of a fitness professional as well as complete workout programs and nutrition advice for a fraction of cost. You also save money on travel expenses and also expensive per hour personal trainers in the gym.

It offers greater flexibility. Rather than having to meet a personal trainer at a scheduled time and location for a coaching/training session, with online services the client has complete control over when and where they exercise. It also allows for tremendous flexibility, especially for those who travel.

It is super convenient. You can sit in the comfort of your own home on your computer to receive coaching and advice. You get to print off customized workouts and meal plan and also get answers for any problems with educated responses, promptly and confidentially via email.

It allows privacy for those who are intimidated by public and are not comfortable in the gym. The workouts can be customized and the program can be organized for home. You can still get into your best shape ever without having to step out of your front door.