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Power Of Belief

The Boss Of Your BodyThe Brain

The brain is the most powerful organ in your body that each and every one of us possesses. It is the control center made up of 100 billion nerve cells. You use your brain every minute of every day, constantly dealing with hundreds of messages from your body and telling your body what to do.

It is literally the boss of your body, running the show and controlling just about everything you do, even when you’re asleep. It is the most crucial part of your being and functioning, but most of you never even give it a second thought.

The human brain can do some amazing things – and humans can do amazing things because of it. Many of you aren’t aware of how much the brain is truly capable of and how powerful you can make it by deliberately programming it everyday.

In order to create the things you want in your life you must first take control of your mind. If you don’t learn to work with your mind – nothing else will work. If you want to change your life, you need to program your mind and utilize all its power. This means changing your thoughts, creating empowering beliefs, changing the way you see things and training your mind to work differently, so that it sends the right message to your subconscious mind and you begin to develop the power to create the life you want.

How Do Your Beliefs Impact Your Life:

The most important and powerful way of journey to success is by mobilising the belief mechanism and using its magical powers to create your destiny. Your mind being a powerful thing, the stories you tell yourself and the things you believe about yourself can either prevent change from happening or allow new skills to blossom. Your beliefs are so powerful that they literally create your reality.

When you believe yourself to be the victim of circumstance, you will remain as victim. If you believe that other people will do whatever they can to make life difficult for you, they will. If you believe something to be easy or hard, it almost always turns out that way. On the other hand, if you believe that you are naturally healthy and vital, you will be. If you believe yourself to be powerful, creative, and capable, you will be, if you believe money is easy to come by, you’ll always have plenty of money, if you believe you’re lucky and generally get everything you want, you’ll have many experiences supporting your belief. 

Possible or impossible, the decision is always up to you. You will always experience the results of your beliefs. Whatever you believe, the universe will prove you right. Unfortunately, because most of you don’t understand how these powers work, you dismiss them. In so doing, you limit yourselves and your success in life. This is the brilliance of it all – you get to choose who and what you wish to become, no matter what anyone else says or thinks! Your attitude and self-perception are vitally important, as you are literally defining and creating who you are in each moment.

How To Unleash The Superpowers Of Your Mind With The Power Of Belief:

With the power of belief you can do wonders for any goal you wish to achieve. The impossibility is only in your head. If you tell yourself you can do something and envision yourself doing it and then align your mind and body and energy to that task there should be nothing to stop you from achieving that task.

To do the impossible begins with believing it’s possible. Since your mind is pre-programmed to thinking its impossible, it takes the mind time and repetition to reprogram itself into believing it is indeed possible.

  • You have to believe without doubt in the deepest recesses of your heart and mind that you can and will fulfill your desires.
  • You have to believe so deeply that it creates a level of intensity in your thinking so that your desire becomes a burning obsession.
  • You have to be able to visualize it and emotionalize it vividly. Get a clear mental image of the results you want to achieve.
  • You have to keep the picture in the back of your head at all times. Keep the focus and concentration. It has to consume you!
  • You have to believe at the level where you know that you can overcome any obstacles that may arise.
  • You have to be ready to pay any price. You will give and do whatever it takes to achieve your goal.

When you believe in this focused manner, you invoke the superpowers of your mind and create in the physical world exactly what you desire. This concept is well documented and absolutely true. It is the secret or magic that many writers speak of so frequently.
The late Napoleon Hill said: “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Napoleon Hill spent 20 years of his life researching the material because he knew that the superpowers of the mind exist and he tried to document it so that others could use it too.

If you look further into this, you fill find that every person with a track record of super success has fully and whole-heartedly embraced this philosophy. Your minds do have superpowers that you can utilize to your benefit if you believe. They exist whether you are willing to admit it and use it to your benefit or not. 

Your Limiting Beliefs:

You have many different beliefs about many different things. You have beliefs about yourselves, about what you are capable of doing and what you deserve. You have beliefs about other people and whether you can trust them or not. You have beliefs about the world in general and what you can expect to happen in various situations.

Whatever happens in the early years of growing up shapes the core of your self-image, the concept of yourself and how you see the world around you. Therefore your belief system is something that grows with you from birth to the present moment.

Most of your limiting beliefs you absorb from people around you, and are transferred to you primarily by your family, parents, teachers and friends and you carry them for years without even knowing them. As you grow older you tend to reinforce your own beliefs by surrounding yourselves with people that share your beliefs. Throughout life you are told who or what you are. You are bombarded with comments and remarks which are simply distorted opinions of others attempting to describe who you are. Your beliefs act as filters and control everything you think, your reactions and your emotions. Whether you like it or not, all of these beliefs run your lives and influence the decisions you make. Your beliefs impact your lives with such tenacious power that they determine how you will feel and behave in a given set of circumstances. 

If you look at your own life, you should have no problem finding at least a few limiting beliefs. You are probably acutely aware of several of them right now. But despite this awareness, you don’t challenge them. It’s more comfortable to just accept what you have believed for so long. Perhaps you believe that the belief will just melt away at some point, so why bother putting in the hard work that challenging it may entail? So often, you choose to just accept your limiting beliefs, not because you truly think they are correct, but because it’s easier to do so. That belief is familiar, comfortable and safe for you.

Limiting beliefs usually reflect the profoundly deep "I cant’s" of life. Whenever you really feel that you just can't do something, have something or be something, you are probably being influenced by a limiting belief".

Overcoming limiting beliefs is extremely important as they are usually based on fear and fear is what makes you weak and paralyzes any chance you have of adopting new positive beliefs in their place. Challenging your limiting beliefs will open up a world of possibilities for you and once you overcome your limiting beliefs your conscious mind and your subconscious mind will be in tune for you to achieve whatever you conceive and believe.

How To Let Go Of Your Limiting Beliefs:

Look for areas of your life where you haven’t been achieving your desired results even after trying many different approaches. You kept trying different actions, systems, or methods, but nothing seemed to work. Most likely a limiting belief is preventing you from achieving what you want, so no amount of action will prove effective until and unless that belief is addressed and corrected. Many problems, which cannot be solved at the level of action, can be readily solved at the level of belief.  A new belief will enable you to take different actions, thereby producing different results.

Dig deep and identify one of your beliefs that you find particularly troubling. One that you know you must get rid of, but just can’t bring yourself to fight it.

Keep that belief in center of your mind. Notice the ways it has affected your life so far. Notice the opportunities you’ve missed. How does this make you feel? Good? Bad? Do you feel stuck?

Now take this belief six months into the future. Imagine what your life is like six months fromnow while you still hold onto this belief. Six more months of missed opportunities, indecision, excuses, and a lack of integrity. Six months of not doing what you want. Six months of extra baggage. Six months from now, when you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you look happier or less happy?

Next, imagine yourself one full year in the future, holding on to the same belief. Repeat Step 3, but with that image of yourself one year from now. Then repeat Step 3 with images of yourself 5, 10, 20, and 40 years in the future. Finally, imagine yourself on your deathbed, still clinging to your limiting belief.
Your belief is not a fact!
If you don’t change, you could live a life full of regret. You don’t have to let that happen.

This takes a little practice and motivation but is necessary. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this really true?
  • What evidence do I have to support this?
  • Are there real life examples to support it?
  • Does this belief serve any useful purpose?
  • Does this belief help me or hurt me?
  • Is it possible that the opposite might actually be true?

This challenging process will weaken them. By questioning your old beliefs, you create a doubt and this opening that you create is enough to slip in new empowering beliefs.

No one is born with any beliefs, they are acquired over the years. This means you can change and acquire a new belief any time you choose.
Stop thinking and believing that you are a product of your past and start acting and behaving like the person you want to be. Start thinking and believing that you already are what you wish to be and in as much detail as possible. At first, this will take a strong constant conscious effort. Like most things though the more you do it the more natural it becomes. Patience and persistence is necessary. Start talking about what you want to shift. You can do this by using positive affirmations about yourself and using positive self-talk to build your confidence. By doing so feel how this positive belief empowers you.

Give no credence to what others belief of you. Be connected to your spirit and listen to the persistent little voice inside. That voice that has the answers to all these questions: What would you do or how would you be, or where would you live if you knew you could do it without any fear or limitations or resources you don’t currently have? What would you like your life to be like? What job or business would you have? What would you look like? How would you dress? Put your answers down on paper and read them daily. Imagine yourself already being this person. Befriend people that are more like the person you want to be. Dress more like this person. Believe you are worthy and deserve to be this person, and soon you’ll surely be.

Prepare yourself to receive what you ask for. You can think positively, dismiss limiting beliefs and visualize a new you, but nothing is likely to change if you aren’t ready or accepting of the change. In ‘Think and Grow Rich’, Napoleon Hill wrote: “There is a difference between WISHING for a thing and being READY to receive it. No one is ready for a thing until he believes he can acquire it. The state of mind must be BELIEF, not mere hope or wish."

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”…
Dr.Wayne Dyer