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Know Your Body Type

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People come in all shapes. The way your body looks is a result of your genetics and environmental factors such as training and nutrition.

Most people, about 60% of the population is ‘genetically average’ and need a properly constructed nutrition and exercise regime. About 20% are ‘genetically above average’ and these lucky ones will lose fat very easily and quickly even with not so perfect nutrition and training program. They are genetically gifted. The final 20% are ‘genetically below average’. These people have to work much harder and be more patient in losing fat.


What Is Somatotyping?

Somatotype is a system devised by Scientist W.H. Sheldon where human body types are classified in three categories.
Each of the three body types has its strength and weaknesses. Before you start your training and nutrition regime, it’s a good idea to figure out your body type.


Fat Burning: SLOW
Muscle Growth: FAST

They are fat, round types having soft appearance due to excess body fat and slow metabolism. Endomorphs will just look at a doughnut and gain weight. They are known in the fitness world as the ‘fat retainers’. They struggle to lose weight and get lean and genetically prone to gain fat easily. But their bodies are responsive to exercise and they tend to put on muscle easily.


Fat Burning: FAST
Muscle Growth: SLOW

They are thin and lean. Ectomorphs can lose fat and stay lean without hours in the gym. They have a fast metabolism and burns up calories very quickly. Ectomorphs are an envy of their friends because they can gobble down doughnuts and burgers without gaining an ounce of fat. However, the downside of their fast metabolism is that they have a tough time gaining muscle mass and are often referred to as ‘hardgainers’.


Fat Burning: FAST
Muscle Growth: FAST

They are strong muscular types having athletic physique. Mesomorph women have an hourglass shaped body. Mesomorphs find it quite easy to gain and lose weight and pack on muscle with ease. They are the most genetically blessed of the three body types. Mesomorphs become great bodybuilders.

Although there are 3 basic categories, pure body types and strictly belonging to any one type is very rare. Most people will have a dominant somatotype and display some characteristics of the other two.


Can You Change Your Body Type?

Now, the truth is you can make each body type absolutely stunning. You have to work with what you have. You cannot change your framework (i.e. your skeletal structure) but you can manipulate the muscles and fat on top of your skeleton to look like you have changed your shape.

By understanding your genetic predisposition and tailoring your nutrition and exercise program for your body type you can get incredible results. You can totally transform yourself with hard work, dedication, will power and a positive attitude. No matter what your body type you can get lean, strong and in awesome shape. Even the skinniest guy can bulk up and get muscular and strong.

Don’t think of these natural traits as limitations – if there’s a will, there’s a way. Everyone has the potential to develop a great shape regardless of his or her dominant body type. While some people may have to work harder then others to either gain muscle or lose fat, progress is possible regardless of genetics. And very often people with a strong determination and persistence are able to overcome their limitations and surpass those with better genetics.